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May 21, 2013
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Hetalia-Germany by angelicdusk

"Alright men! Ready.. Aim.."
You broke free of the strong grip of your German fiance and bolted towards the shooting grounds.
"No!" You screamed as you reached out your hand towards your parents who were propped against the wooden poles, blindfolded. Lightning cracked in the sky as the guns were fired making it hard to distinguish the two. Rain began pouring as you tripped and fell on the ground.. It was too late. You laid on the ground, tears streaking your mud splashed face. Your hand was outstretched towards to two slumped over bodies that now lay lifeless. You sobbed hopelessly as there was nothing else you could do.. You were now left with the guilt of their deaths, despite what they would want you to think. The last thing they spoke to you was in fact the opposite, it was their dying wish that you'd live your life, regretless, with your German officer.

As you laid there weeping, you felt steady arms wrap around you and lift your trembling form into a gentle embrace. You didn't have to open your eyes to look, you already knew who it was.
"Liebe," Ludwig whispered into your ear. "We should go."
You opened your tear filled eyes and were met to his ice blue ones. You nodded slightly and tried to get up. Your legs gave out and he caught you. He knew you didn't have the strength to move, so he lifted you tenderly in his steady arms. You held onto his neck as you continued to cry into his shirt. He carried you back to the crowd. This was a bold move, as officials of Germany were not allowed to affiliate with commoners such as yourself in affectionate ways. He knew the consequences of his actions just now, but he didn't care. He loved you more than life itself, more than his life, which was on the line as of now. His commander witnessed the act boldly performed by his favorite underling and was baffled. He knew that he couldn't allow his men to see him as a kind hearted captain. He nearly choked on the words as they exited his mouth.
"Men, turn your guns on that soldier."
Ludwig turned and faced his captain with disgust. His eyes said enough. With you still in his arms, Ludwig fled, turning his back on his captain. A dejected look crossed the captain's face, hoping Ludwig could read what his eyes had spoken. He silently counted to three before shouting,
Obedient bullets flew from the guns, directed at the two lovers. You braced against Ludwig, clutching on to him for dear life as lightning cracked in the sky.

You bolted up in bed, as you heard the low rumble of the thunder outside. Your eyes were wet from all the tears shed as you dreamt of that tragic night again. You felt a stir next to your as your now husband, Ludwig, was staring at you with his icy gaze.
"Liebe," he began. "Did you have that nightmare again?"
You turned your head from your husband and nodded as you tears began to trail down your cheeks again. You felt a large, calloused hand wipe your tears away as you looked into the face of your beloved. He smiled slightly, "Ich werde dich nie gehen lassen, liebe. Come lay close to me."
You settled in his arms, laying your head on his chest. You could hear his steady heartbeat, and you fell asleep to it's rhythmic sound, encased in his embrace. When he was sure you'd fallen asleep, his kissed you forehead lovingly. "Ich werde dich beschützen, lieben. Für immer und ewig."
Okay guys Google Translate can really suck sometimes, so if the translation isn't right, let me know! I'd like to change it as soon as possible!
Ich werde dich nie gehen lassen, liebe. (I'll never let you go, love)
Ich werde dich beschützen, lieben. Für immer und ewig. (I'll protect you, love. Forever and always.)
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XD -emoticon Germany (Shy) [V5] d'awww
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-hugs Ludwig with bonecrushing strength- I'm never gonna let go.
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Car1ba Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Really cute :)... and in order to help with this translations:
"Ich werde dich niemals loslassen, Liebling."(I'll never let you go, love.) "Ich werde dich beschützen, Liebling. Für Immer und Ewig."(I'll protect you, love. Forever and always.) ... though I have to say that google translate did a decent job this time - aside from usage of capital/small letters ya' know? That is kinda unique and somewhat difficult ... ^^' um... Yeah anyways ... Did I mention, that I liked this story?
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